10 Amazing Optical Illusions


This video is compilation of 10 amazing optical illusions: Rooftop Illusion, Color Illusion, Motion Binding Illusion, Crazy Wire Illusion, Duck-Rabbit Illusion, Silver Egg Illusion, Anamorphic Illusion, Water Illusion and Animated Optical Illusion.

Original link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IBx08UYn4VU

Download Templates: http://home-science.com/animated-optical-illusions/

1. Rooftop illusion http://youtu.be/IBx08UYn4VU?t=4s
Sometimes our eyes and brain can’t work together well enough to figure out what we’re actually seeing. Such is the case with this optical illusion. As soon as you see what those little balls do, the ‘rooftop’ stops making sense. Can you figure out what the shape of the roof is before it starts revolving?

2. Color illusion (Identical Colors) http://youtu.be/IBx08UYn4VU?t=50s
Surface color of both parts is identical. Just use a finger to cover the place where both parts meet and you’ll see.

3. Motion Binding Illusion http://youtu.be/IBx08UYn4VU?t=1m6s
Look at the blue lines above. They move, yes, and what kind of shape do they represent? I would say they move in pairs.

4. Wire Illusion http://youtu.be/IBx08UYn4VU?t=1m53s
A fascinating illusion, these two wires appear to be untwisting from each other as you pull, but they never come apart.

5. Duck-Rabbit illusion http://youtu.be/IBx08UYn4VU?t=2m22s
The well-known illusion above can be seen in two ways: as both a duck and a rabbit.

6. Silver Egg Illusion http://youtu.be/IBx08UYn4VU?t=2m29s
This is tricky, because if the egg is a tiny bit damp the soot will easily flake off on to your fingers as you turn the egg. Once the egg has a nice black sooty coating, gently immerse it in a bowl of water. If it is completely covered, the carbon in the soot repels the water and holds a fine film of air. This will give the egg a silvered mirror appearance.

7. Anamorphic Illusion http://youtu.be/IBx08UYn4VU?t=3m8s
An anamorphosis is a deformed image that appears in its true shape when viewed in some “unconventional” way. Image: http://home-science.com/rubiks-cube/

8. Color illusion http://youtu.be/IBx08UYn4VU?t=3m55s
Color Illusions are images where surrounding colors trick the human eye into incorrect interpretation of color.
Yellow cube vs Blue cube – both of them have the same color.

9. Water Illusion http://youtu.be/IBx08UYn4VU?t=4m16s
When the arrow is moved to a particular distance behind the glass, it looks like it reversed itself. When light passes from one material to another, it can bend or refract. In the experiment that you just completed, light traveled from the air, through the glass, through the water, through the back of the glass, and then back through the air, before hitting the arrow. Anytime that light passes from one medium, or material, into another, it refracts.

10. Animated Illusion http://youtu.be/IBx08UYn4VU?t=4m45s
Our brains are massively complex machines, constantly processing huge amounts of data from our senses. Our eyes provide most of that input; they send a huge amount of information to the brain, and it’s actually rather astonishing we can figure anything out from it. Given that, our ability to detect motion is pretty amazing. Despite all that noise, if something moves, something changes, our brain targets right on it. Images: http://home-science.com/animated-optical-illusions/

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